15 April: sPvP, WvW & Black Lion Trading Company

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15 April: sPvP, WvW & Black Lion Trading Company

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Structured Player vs. Player
  • Glory will be completely phased out and unable to be obtained.
  • The 8v8 custom arenas hosted by ArenaNet have been removed.
  • Custom arena owners must now have the Autobalance option enabled or the arena will be marked as No Progression.
  • Ranks have been changed to be easier to obtain for all players.
  • Equipment merge
    • All Mystic Forge recipes for crafting PvP items have been removed along with PvP crafting materials.
  • Updated achievement text to be more consistent.
  • Removed the water from the PvP lobby.
    • All PvP maps have had their water combat removed so we also removed the water-combat tutorial area.
  • Fixed a bug in which trait selection was available on servers with skill-locking enabled.
  • Fixed a bug in which players were not showing their defeated icon on the minimap.
  • Fixed a bug in which rank achievement would not be calculated with rank points earned.
  • Added new amulets: Cavalier and Magi
  • Added a new rune: Traveler
  • Added new sigils: Generosity and Renewal
World vs. World
  • Account-bound WXP
    • Players will need to load into a map with every one of their characters to have their WXP added to their account total.
    • All characters have the same number of World Ability Points available to spend. Spending World Ability Points on one character doesn't spend them on any other.
  • All spent World Ability Points have been refunded to all characters.
  • Getting from Rank 4 to 5 now requires 1,000 WXP instead of 2,000
  • Commanders: The Commander buff is now only displayed to friendly players.
  • Siege Weapons: Normalized the hit boxes of all siege gadgets.

New Items and Promotions
  • Rampart heavy armor skins, Strider’s medium armor skins, and Incarnate light armor skins are now available in the Style category for 800 gems each.
  • Wintersday outfits are available for one week only to celebrate the improvements to outfits with the new Wardrobe system. Pick up outfits in the Style category for 800 gems.
  • Removed the delay on the first note when playing a harp or drum.
  • Transmutation Charges now drop from Black Lion Chests instead of Transmutation Crystals.
  • Trade history has been reduced to the most recent 90 days to improve viewing performance.