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Living World
Tangled Paths
The war against Mordremoth rages on in the Silverwastes as a new mystery arises. The Zephyrite Master of Peace has taken his precious cargo beyond the front lines. Where has he gone, and what answers will he give if he’s found?

After completing “Tangled Paths,” showcase your tactical mastery as a hero of Tyria by completing challenging, episode-related achievements.

  • With the release of “Tangled Paths,” players can continue to build their Carapace and Luminescent armor sets by collecting the light, medium, and heavy gloves.
    • Carapace gloves are obtained by completing the new Silverwastes reward track, completing the storyline, and exploring the Silverwastes.
    • Players will once again have the chance to prove their mastery of the region by unlocking all three weight classes of Luminescent glove armor to complete the Luminescent Gloves collection.
  • Explore the newly discovered labyrinth, and find nightmare pods full of rich rewards.
    • Nightmare fragments can be found in small pods throughout the maze. Combine them with a bandit skeleton key to open the greater nightmare pod.
    • The greater nightmare pod contains rare and masterwork gear, dragonite ore, and a chance to discover new recipes for Bountiful and Furious Maintenance Oils, Sharpening Stones, and Tuning Crystals.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from assigning, removing, or reassigning healing, utility, or elite skills while in a cosmetic transformation (e.g., during the siege of Ascalon in the Urban Battlegrounds fractal).
World Polish
  • Silverwastes
    • The cryptobotanist now correctly indicates the parts he is looking for.
New Items and Promotions
  • World Tournament finishers are available to support your favorite region in the World Tournament Finals. Players purchasing the winning region’s finisher before the finals will receive three Celebration Boosters after the event. Each region’s finisher is available in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 600 gems each.
  • A new Pact weapon set is available at Black Lion Weapon Specialists for a limited-time price of one ticket per weapon. Tickets can be found inside Black Lion Chests.
  • The Jungle Explorer outfit is now available in the Style category of the Gem Store for 700 gems.