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Trade Mistress
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Dinsdag 30 september 2014

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Messages received in-game that are sent by ArenaNet in an official capacity, such as messages sent by a GM, will now display the ArenaNet logo (or the KZ logo for Chinese accounts). All other messages will display a warning that the message is from another player. Official messages from a GM or other ArenaNet employee will always display the appropriate logo and will never display a warning message. Any message claiming to be sent from ArenaNet or from a GM that displays the warning message is NOT actually from ArenaNet or from a GM.

World Polish
  • Fireheart Rise:
    • Escort Razen the Raider to the Gates of Flame:
      • Fixed a bug in which Razen’s overhead marker would occasionally not show up during his escort quests.
  • Iron Marches:
    • Added a failure condition to the “Defend the engineers repairing Brokentooth Maw” event so that the warband will retreat if the engineers remain defeated for too long.
  • Metrica Province:
    • Fixed a bug in which the Veteran Jaguar rescaled incorrectly during the “Escort Rikkiti as she brings a message to the Lionguard assault force” event.
  • Sparkfly Fen:
    • The leatherworking trainer has returned to the Zintl Holy Grounds.
  • Spirit Watch:
    • This location’s name on the world map is no longer obscured.
  • Frostgorge Sound:
    • Drive the Sons of Svanir from Coiled Watch:
      • Adjusted the event timing after failure of the Defend Coiled Watch objective.
  • Creatures:
    • Ambient humpback whales should no longer enter combat.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some crafting ingredients from displaying a View Recipe button even if unlocked.
Fractals of the Mists
  • Cliffside:
    • Combat Log: The burning fires at the chest seal now come from the Archdiviner instead of “Unknown.”
  • Molten Facility:
    • Fixed an issue that caused the party to be teleported back to the entrance to the boss room if a player re-entered the room after the boss was defeated.
Sorrow’s Embrace
  • Fixed an issue that caused General Zadorojny and his guards to teleport to a player in a different section of the map.
  • The Infinite Watchknight Tonic can no longer be used in dungeons.
Profession Skills
  • Magnetic Aura
    • Removed the unnecessary range indicator.
  • Burning Retreat (Conjure Flame Axe)
    • Added a Combo Field skill fact.
  • Meteor Shower
    • Updated the Duration: 9 skill fact.
    • Adjusted the ground effect ring to better match skill duration.
  • Deep Freeze (Conjure Frost Bow)
    • Added a Duration: 5 skill fact.
  • Ice Storm (Conjure Frost Bow)
    • Added a Number of Impacts: 24 skill fact.
  • Arcane Wave
    • Updated the description to more accurately describe functionality.
  • Glyph of Elemental Power
    • Updated the description to indicate that the condition application chance works for all spells rather than just spells of a specific element.
  • Evasive Arcana
    • Corrected the Shockwave effect description that incorrectly said it inflicted immobilize.
  • Water Blast
    • Updated the description accuracy for the number of targets.
  • Lightning Surge
    • Updated the description accuracy for the number of targets.
  • Boil
    • Added a line-of-sight check for this skill.
  • Murky Water
    • Added a line-of-sight check for this skill.
  • Fixed an issue in which droppable bundle weapons were destroyed if the engineer changed utility skills while holding the weapon.
  • Grenade Barrage
    • Fixed a bug that caused this skill to lose its Number of Targets skill fact with Grenadier slotted or when viewed underwater.
  • Sword of Justice: Command
    • Updated the skill fact for radius to the correct value of 180.
  • Battle Presence
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the application of Virtue of Resolve to gates and walls.
  • Lich Form: Grim Specter and Marked for Death
    • Updated the accuracy of skill facts for damage.
  • Charge (Flesh Golem)
    • Fixed a bug that caused this skill to behave inconsistently when used under high latency.
  • Death Shroud
    • Leaving Death Shroud by running out of life force now engages the same cooldown as manually ending Death Shroud by using the End Death Shroud skill.
  • Spirits
    • Added a red indicator ring to spirit attacks to show range for opponents.
  • Nature’s Vengeance
    • Adjusted effects for spirit attacks to better match their radius.
  • Vigorous Recovery
    • Fixed a bug that prevented this skill from functioning when used with human and sylvari racial healing skills.
  • Exploding Venom Sac (Stolen Skill)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented this skill from showing the combo field ring for allies.
  • Last Stand
    • Fixed a bug that caused this trait to activate Rousing Resilience for 4 seconds instead of 8 seconds.
  • “Shake It Off!”
    • Removed unnecessary range indicator.
Racial Skills
  • Shrapnel Mine: Added a skill fact for mine duration.
Structured Player vs. Player
  • Miniatures now auto-summon in the PvP lobby.
New Items and Promotions
  • The new Tempest weapon skins are now available for purchase from the Black Lion Weaponsmith for an introductory price of 1 Black Lion Ticket. Tickets can be found in chests opened with Black Lion Chest Keys.
  • The Chaos weapon skins now cost 5 Black Lion Tickets.
  • The World vs. World Support Pack contains 5 Black Lion Weapon Scraps, 5 Black Lion Keys, 5 Metabolic Primers, 5 WXP Boosters, 3 Utility Primers, 1 Armor Booster, 1 Speed Booster, 1 Strength Booster, and early access to 10 uses of the Grave Finisher. It can be purchased once from the Special section of the Gem Store for the price of 1895 gems.
  • The limit on additional crafting licenses has been raised to 2, so you may now have up to 4 crafting professions per character.
Trading Post
  • Performance has been improved when navigating between sections on the Trading Post.
  • Recently viewed items on the Home tab now show the sell price instead of the buy price.
  • Recently viewed items on the Home tab now show quantities available.
  • My Latest Trades on the Home tab shows whether the transaction was a buy or a sell.
  • My Transactions tab defaults to showing current transactions.
  • Canceling a listing on the My Transactions tab no longer scrolls back to the top of the lists.
  • Projected Profit is now shown in the tooltip when you hover over the Total Price value.
  • The order form now shows 40 listing levels for buys and sells.
  • Edit box sizes on the order form have been increased.
Bug Fixes
  • Improved positioning of Basic Harvesting Node Pack nodes in several racial homes.